Welcome to the temporary website landing page for the MySandDollar$.com (MSD$), the travel rewards program of the online CBO Tribe of Ocean Activists (CBO Tribe) membership-based organization launching later this summer. The CBO Tribe will be comprised of like-minded individuals of all ages worldwide who care about the oceans, marine life and need to reduce ocean plastic waste. The CBO Tribe is part of the global ocean issue awareness strategy developed by the Nevis, West Indies-based Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO Foundation), which is in the process of establishing its North American TribeMates (members) service center operations in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, through its CBO Worldwide Holdings Inc. (CBO Worldwide) business asset management division.

The MSD$ is not just another travel rewards program. It will always be free to join and participate in, but will offer five paying levels that help fund a "Porpoise-driven" agenda. The MSD$ platform provides a digital currency called SandDollar$ (SD$) that TribeMates can earn for being members, sharing messages, online interactions such as watching Travel Partner videos, taking surveys and referring new members to the CBO Tribe. These SD$ can be accrued and then redeemed for destination lodging and other travel offers, plus logo-branded merchandise and apparel online.

Paying level TribeMates earn SD$ at greater rates for interactions for paying monthly membership fees of USD $9.95 (AngelFish), $19.95 (SeaTurtle), $29.95 (StingRay), $39.95 (ReefShark) or $49.95 (SilverOrca). For local Caribbean-based TribeMates with Businesses, the program will offer the BigKaTuna membership for $69.00 per month that offers them a replicated webpage on the MSD$ platform to promote their business or services to the Tribe directly. 

The Paying membership fees are allocated as follows: 15% to fee processing and collection costs, foundation administration, member services operations, and support outside organizations or ocean focused groups. 85% of all fees allocated to the acquisition of enhanced member travel rewards for redemption, ongoing non-profit social projects and programs as outlined below:

5% to Marissa's Reef For Heavenly Helpers. Of all monthly member fees collected, ten-percent (10%) is allocated to funding the construction and ongoing operation of a very special aquatic memorial project called Marissa's Reef For Heavenly Helpers, a free public exhibit named after our founders Granddaughter who was swept to her death in 2005 in a raging flash flood. The exhibit will include a 60 foot round by 50 foot tall tropical saltwater aquarium with a reef in its center (Marissa's Reef). The tank will be filled with over 100,000 SpiritFish, the tropical reef fish that parents of a lost child can name after their lost child and release into the "Sea of Angels" for eternity, at no cost to them. The project will be supported by underwater webcams, and an online scrap book of all lost children that parents and family members can add photos and video to showcase their SpiritFish while with us here on earth. Marissa's Reef will become the signature attraction of a mixed use marina hotel resort project somewhere in the Caribbean, near an established cruise ship port. These SpiritFish serve as the ambassadors for our oceans and tropical reefs to remind us of the beauty we stand to lose if we let them die.

5% to CBO AngelFish Disaster Relief Fund  Of all monthly member fees collected, five-percent (5%) will go to fund the CBO Foundation's AngelFish Disaster Relief Fund, an organization that will provide humanitarian aid to those impacted by a Caribbean hurricane, earthquake or other disaster. The goal is to provide temporary shelter, food, water makers and power generators. Each of the CBO Marine Group vessels will be equipment with initial supplies to allow for quick dispatch to areas impacted, and they will also provide clean-up services as part of their missions.

15% to CBO Marine Debris Recovery Group  Of all monthly member fees collected, fifteen-percent (15%) will go to fund the CBO Marine Group, a proposed fleet of four (4) large vessels that will set out to conduct ongoing ocean and remote island coastal debris recovery operations. These custom built vessels will also offer 60 staterooms for CBO TribeMates to redeem for SD$ if they wish to participate in an actual targeted clean-up mission directly. The CBO Marine Group will also manage and stock supplies on board its vessels for immediate dispatching to disaster areas when they occur as part of its AngelFish Relief Fund.   

20% to Acquiring Travel Rewards  Of all monthly member fees collected, twenty-percent 20% will be allocated to acquiring new travel rewards for member SD$ redemption. From Hotels to Timeshares lodging, to adventure travel like crewed yachting holidays, the MSD$ rewards value proposition will be unlike anything available on the travel scene today. Our goal is to offer a diversified list of free travel products to help make destination travel more affordable, while also helping us accomplish the stated CBO Foundation objectives. 

40% to CBC Waste2Energy Partnership Of all monthly member fees collected, forty-percent (40%) will be allocated to the ClearBlue Caribbean Waste2Energy Partnership (CBC Partnership) Trust Fund.The CBO Foundation is the Founding Signature Partner of the CBC Partnership, a non-profit organization (currently in development) that will consist of Caribbean governments, travel providers, travelers, local residents, brand manufacturers and retailers who come together through the CBC Partnership to fund the largest ongoing ocean plastic waste and island landfill clean-up project ever undertaken. Through a set of Partner Participation Fees paid into the CBC Trust it will monetize the waste products in the Caribbean, and help offset the costs associated with collecting waste plastic, glass and used tires to remove them from the environment forever. The CBC Partnership has launched an Impact Crowdfunding Campaign called the ClearBlue Caribbean Clean-up on GoFundMe to launch the program.  

There is an added benefit of MSD$ membership for Caribbean-based TribeMates, as they can earn SD$ and Cash for returning their plastic and glass waste products, and used tires to a CBC Partnership funded Waste2Cash Collection Center on their Island or local area. To earn cash for returns the member must join either the BlueDolphin Plan to earn $0.10 to $0.60 per pound of plastic waste returned, or the GoldDolphin Plan which costs them $59.95 per month and allows them to earn up to USD $10,000 per month for returns. That program is designed for those members who want to take a more serious approach to waste collection for profit, with these positions limited in each area and working under the direction of the Collection Center General Manager.

We hope this proves you with a snapshot overview of the MSD$ program, and look forward to you joining the CBO Tribe of Ocean Activists when we launch it this summer to participate in the MySandDollar$.com travel rewards program. Most importantly, we hope that after you join you will share it with your family, friends and associates. Together WE CAN and MUST address the ocean plastic waste and debris issues.

Please support the CBC Partnership Crowdfunding Campaign and follow the progress on their twitter and facebook pages.